Three calming acoustic folk singer songwriters to bring in the Autumn Equinox

Tommy Ashby – “Beautiful day”
-If you’re looking for a calming and peaceful folk song, check out Tommy Ashby’s latest track “Beautiful Day.” It’s about art and appreciating what is around you. The rhythm is faster than you might expect for the type of song, but it’s an intentional upbeat style to match the optimism of the lyrics. The entire composition feels like it propels forward with a real sense of positivity and momentum. It’s a wonderful total production that highlights Ashby’s great songwriting and excellent acoustic performance.

Cole Swenson – “10 years”
-This is a song about love… and self reflection… and emotion. Swenson writes with a sensibility that we rarely hear. It’s raw and approachable. There’s a thoughtfulness to the composition that pulls the listener right in. The central question, “what is the purpose of me?” It’s beautiful. There’s so much of life left to see, that’s for sure. It’s ultimately a song of hope. Swenson’s sincerity is evident from the first note to the last. This is a cathartic piece and well worth your time, especially for fans of writers like Ben Abraham.

Anthony D’Amato – “Ships in the Night”
-The energy of this track is perfect for a folk playlist. The acoustic guitar resonates with the vocal in a perfect balance. By the time the rest of the band enters, there’s this wonderful calming sentiment that guides the rest of the song. There’s not a specific band comparison for me, but the vibe reminds me some of what I’ve always enjoyed about artists like Rayland Baxter. D’Amato’s song is about travel, but it’s also about reflecting on the meaning of places where we sojourn in our lives. Just to give an indication of the quality of writing, let me give the example, “A pirate’s treasure, the Sirens’ pleasure, held my interest as we roamed.” Wow. Love that. This is a really interesting and well written song.

Image courtesy: Tommy Ashby IG

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