Three captivating acoustic singer songwriter tracks that are sure to impress

James Isaac – “Heartbroken, either way”
-The word that comes to mind when I hear this song is “plaintive.” The acoustic guitar comes across as a gentle and comforting style. The vocal harmonies are delightful. It’s like an old fashioned style brought to the contemporary day. The way the harmonies hit feel me a lot of what I loved about Good Old War when I first found them. The sincerity of this track is absolutely endearing. If you’ve ever been heartbroken, the mood of this track will feel quite familiar. The harmonies are so sweet and the lyrics are so sad, but the combination is pure magic.

Arny Margret – “the world is between us”
-There’s an atmospheric quality to this track that really captures my attention. It’s got a wonderful acoustic style that provides a good basis for the expressive vocal style. The blending of vocal and guitar makes for a contemplative folk style that mirrors much of what we have covered since the inception of this site. Margret’s vocal inflection captures the emotions of the piece. It’s a song ostensibly about a long distance relationship, which is really good at capturing the pain of that distance and the promise of being together again. This is a great piece of songwriting.

Steve Savage – “I dive in”
-The calming sentiments of this track are really engaging right from the start. It’s ultimately a song about going for it – diving in – hoping to be with a romantic partner. If you’ve ever experienced that obsessive feeling of wanting to be with someone no matter what, this song definitely connects. Savage has an expressive vocal style that connects the lyrics to the mood of the track well. There’s a certain “go for broke” mentality when hoping against hope that a relationship will work out. Savage captures that desperate attempt to make it work in this creative little tune.

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