Three up tempo, dynamic rock tracks to bring some energy to your midweek

Yam Haus – “Making out in cars”
-There’s an intensity to this track that feels really good. It starts off with a chilled out style and then hits pretty hard on the chorus. If you have memories of growing up having a wild summer with friends, this track will resonate. The production mix is thoroughly pop rock, including some dynamic synth work that feels almost like EDM at times. The combination makes for an energizing overall style that’s sure to find a lot of supporters among our indie rock following. Give Yam Haus a shot.

Golden – “Deep end”
-Fans of bands like Sum41 will find a lot to like about the energetic power pop punk of Golden. The chords on this track make me feel like I’m in my late teens again, driving way too fast to go visit a girl that I’m not sure if we’re dating or “just friends.” You all know the vibe. Anyways, everything about the track feels like youthful exuberance in sonic form; the guitar work is great and the vocal definitely works for us. It’s a great pop punk sound that we’re certainly happy to support. This is a welcome sound in the indie rock landscape and we’re glad to have it.

Katie Day – “Ulysses (I’ll find the light)”
-So I like the opening of this song just fine… but the chorus is absolutely magical. I don’t even know what I am hearing but I like it so very much. There’s some sort of crazy magic in the production that brings the vocals together in this dreamy haze that just… sounds amazing. Day’s folk rock energy on the verse is good, but then there’s another chorus that goes to a transcendent place. The combination and the journey of the track is really spectacular. This one is not easy to categorize in terms of genre, but I can tell you this much; it’s a remarkable piece of art. Spin it. Everyone. Every last one of you. Play this track and share it with your magnificent friends — this needs to be widely heard!

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