Three indie pop tunes that just might steal your heart

itsjustrand – “on the line”
-There’s a chill groove at the heart of this song that captured me on first listen. After the first break, you get a taste of some really great layered vocal harmonies, complete with this wonderfully mixed balance between guitars in the left and right channels. You feel like you’re sitting in on a jam session with a really good vocalist. It’s just a groove with a lamentable lyrical vibe about how the relationship is falling apart but they’re making it work. The metaphor of “staying on the line” has a clever layered meaning about communication. It’s full of heart and meaning. We’re happy to support it both sonically and through the significant lyrical message that encourages enduring in relationships to make it work.

James Gilchrist and Leah Piemonte – “Warm you up”
-The atmospheric acoustic guitar provides a baseline to this track, but really it’s the vocal harmonies that will make you swoon on this track. The bluesy, soulful spirit of the track works really well on this track. There’s a gentleness to the composition that feels comfortable and intimate. The lyrics are evidently romantic, but the execution of the song is flawless. “Your voice is familiar and your touch feels like home.” Mmhmm. This is a lover’s song and has a wonderful intimate energy that deserves to be widely shared and heard.

Ned Foulsham – “Kasia came back”
-When I think about indie pop, this is exactly the kind of sound I imagine. It’s up tempo and glowingly energetic. The lyrics are optimistic and emotional, almost to an over-the-top extent. The production mix allows the listener to enter right into the song’s storyline; it’s beautifully fun while also being sad and frustrating. If you’ve ever loved someone and just wanted to be with them all the time, this song will definitely connect. Not only did I relate to the song, I could tell you the exact semester of college (20 years ago, mind you) that I could directly relate to this. I love that a stranger could write a song 20 years later that captures those emotions that I couldn’t put into words at that time. This is a gem.

Image courtesy: Leah Piemonte IG

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