Three indie pop rock tracks that will brighten up your mid week

Grand Am – “Sweet tooth”
-The upbeat rock energy of this track defies easy categorization in terms of rock music history; it feels a bit like something from the Killers in the early 2000s but yet there’s a funkiness to the backbeat here that feels as old as the 1960s. The combination, though, hits harder than any of us deserve. The lyrics are about a craving for sweets but — and I’m no lyrical expert here — but I don’t think he’s singing about cookies or ice cream. It’s a sexy, sensual, energetic style that’s all about carnal desire. “I’ve got one thing on my brain… I want all I see. I got a sweet tooth that gets the best of me.” Whew!

Pacific Avenue – “Leaving for London”
-I don’t know exactly what makes the production of a song sound like Pacific Avenue’s “Leaving for London,” but the way the guitars reverberate and support the vocal works perfectly. The opening verse is good, but the chorus is absolute pop gold. If this song was released in an earlier era with major support, it would be a sure fire hit. I would love to see these great vocals and storytelling lyrics rise to the top even in today’s stream-heavy world. If you dig the song as much as I do, spin the heck out of it and put it on your own indie rock playlists. It deserves the support!

Jake Whiskin and Lizzie Reid – “Drive you home”
-There’s an understated energy to this track that I really appreciate. The cathartic acoustic guitar work does a nice job of capturing the listener’s attention while providing calm. The vocal blending is outstanding here, fitting together for a comfortable and engaging style. The overall composition works really well for something that feels like equal parts folk and rock without exactly being “folk rock.” It’s an innovative style that is comforting above all else.

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