Our Favorite Songwriters (Currently)

Rachel Angel – “Closer to Myself”

When done right, alt country is one of our favorite genres. Case in point, Rachel Angel. The songstress absolutely blew us away with her vocals, while laying down a classic instrumentation that is earnest and true. On “Closer to Myself”, the artist nods to the past while still creating something modern. After a string of EP’s, Angel is preparing to release a full-length album this Fall. We cannot wait to hear more as the talented artist continues to grow into a top talent.

Madeline Finn – “Asleep in the Driveway”

We have been a not so silent advocate for Madeline Finn for some time now. Her blend of honest songwriting and gorgeous instrumentation, make her one of our most beloved artists. With her newest release, we find an overall artist who is on top of her art. “Asleep in the Driveway” is an arresting bit of indie pop that is sure to make even more acolytes of her musical gospel.

Sister Gemini – “Scooter Song”

There is a delicate vulnerability to the sound of Sister Gemini. The inspiration comes from her early childhood memories. One of the many talents of the act is her ability to remind the listener of their own fragility and vulnerabilities. “Scooter Song” is both heartbreaking and all together lovely. It is a classic showcase of an exceptional talent we believe you must hear.

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