Three vivid and engaging indie pop tracks that you should have in your life

Tyler Jarvis – “WANT ME hate me”
-If you’ve ever been in a rocky relationship, Tyler Jarvis’s track “WANT ME hate me” will connect poignantly. The line “we’re both so guilty of playing pretend” pops really well here. It’s about one of those relationships that are doomed from the start, yet both people try to make it work. The 80s pop rock vibes make the theme resonate on this one. There’s a crispiness to the production that allows the vocal to soar, making every lyric understandable. This is a great pop rock track that’s sure to find a lot of fans among people who want to sing along. Put it on your pop playlist and you’ll enjoy it every time.

Scoobert Doobert – “Get the funk out of my head”
-If you’ve been following my coverage of indie pop in the past year, you’ve seen this name a lot. Who is Scoobert Doobert? A clever fella, that’s for sure. The chilled out groove and outstanding, thoughtful lyrics work for me pretty much on every track. The rhetorical play with “get the funk out of my head” is about mental health and trying not to focus too much on yourself. It’s both a criticism and an encouragement. The line about needing mental health support is absolutely on point for so many folks and it’s nice how the song highlights this in a destigmatizing way. It feels good despite being about quite a serious topic.

Strange Pilgrim – “Brighter horizon”
-When I think about indie pop rock, “glowing guitars” always come to mind. The style on the guitars for this track feel orchestral as much as “rock.” The layers are quite rich, creating more of a soundscape than a typical rock “song.” That said, the track is really something special. The vibes are surreal and I have really enjoyed relaxing into the song with each listen. It’s a bit challenging to discern the lyrics, but that’s okay because it’s more about the vibes… and those are really cool on this track.

Image courtesy: Tyler Jarvis IG

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