3 Incredible New Songwriters You NEED to Hear

Aleksi Campagne – “Rome”

The music of this Canadian songwriter is a brilliant mix of the styles we regularly cover on Ear to the Ground. It starts with an acoustic folk ballad, before exploding into beautiful instrumentation. “Rome” is an existential track that explores a world on fire. Growing up on folk protest songs, that same spirit is found here, yet with a modern twist. There is nothing quite like a Aleksi Campagne track, and we think you need to hear this one.

Katie Martucci – “Seize”

We have to be honest. No matter what Katie Martucci chooses to sing, it absolutely captivates us. Her voice is incredible, warm, and personal. “Seize” has a cool groove that, if there is any justice in this world, will turn the world on to her premier talent. The story is soulful and relatable while the instrumentation is beautifully layered and rich. If you like acts like Lake Street Dive, then this one is a cannot miss hit.

Marcus Man – “Aspirations”

This UK songwriter is completely engaging. His vulnerable songwriting is matched with a fantastic sonic texture. His accent is pronounced in spots in a way that will resonate with many, while his rapid songwriting will further endear him to larger audiences. The artist has a everyday man style that connects listeners to his storytelling. The end result is a talented and compelling young artist.

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