Three energizing indie pop tracks that will bring optimism to your week

Rikas – “My bench”
-I’m not even sure indie pop is the right category for this song, but it’s so good and it’s certainly a few things… rock-infused and gleefully pop. The immediate and easy comp is to 60s bouncy rock music, but there’s a lot of good vibes from this track that are perfectly situated here in the 21st century. There’s an optimism about the joy of summer that comes through in the lyrics and melodic energy of the track. This is the kind of track that I simply cannot turn down; it’s a wonderful piece of songwriting with exactly the type of vibes I want for my personal summer playlist.

Wez King – “We were young”
-This is a song about how life changes, but we tend to continue to love who and what we love throughout our lives. I can relate to that. The mood of the track is thoroughly pop rock and it works well both conveying the lyrical message and the entire positive nostalgia of the track. Every lyric is easy to follow and the harmonies on the chorus allow the sound to resonate really well. If you’ve ever looked back on your own past and thought you’d do it all again because you know how much it shaped you into the person you are now, you will connect with this track in a big way.

Sophie Louise – “Let the phone ring”
-I am a sucker for a calm pop tune like this one from Sophie Louise. I can big time relate to having a sip while reflecting on where things are in life. If you like chill vibes and beautiful vocals, give this one a shot for sure. It’s a bit of a lament, but it’s done with a vibey and almost positive energy in the actual chord and melody structure. The layers on the chorus really fill the space well, pulling the listener into a dreamlike and adventurous space. I really appreciate the technical depth of the sound that feels so incredibly comfortable for the listener. It’s a sweet sound, for sure.

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