Three indie folk tracks to bring a chilled out aesthetic to your weekend

Torri Weidinger – “Her song”
-There’s a beautiful, breathtaking sweetness to this track that immediately stood out for me. Let me introduce you to Torri Weidinger, a gifted songwriter and performer. This piece has an acoustic fingerpicked guitar as the baseline, but an absolutely gorgeous layering of vocals and production that makes for a comforting sound. The lyrics are about having someone that makes you be able to feel anything because they have become so important. In other words, it’s about infatuation. It’s a really wonderful piece of songwriting with some of the best layered vocal work I’ve heard all year.

Kimberly Walsh – “With you all the time”
-If you like acoustic singer songwriters, you came to the right place. We’re happy to introduce you to Kimberly Walsh’s approachable and amiable songwriting style. The genre convention doesn’t really work here because Walsh has a sound that could be at home in about a dozen different genres. What I like most about the sound is the way that Walsh expresses an intimate sentiment in a sweet and accessible way. It’s like a lighthearted country song with all the cheesy lines; it’s straightforward and honest with a melody that goes down smooth. This one’s a gem.

Aleksi Campagne – “Sparklers and gin”
-This is a FANTASTIC song. Of course if we’re covering it here we like it, but let me tell you this is an amazing song from Aleksi Campagne. The production value on this song is out of this world. It’s indie folk music that has dynamic timing, great quality lead vocal, and some excellent work from the rhythm section. It feels like the kind of song that could really take off if it gets airplay from big stations in places like Seattle and Austin. The “take my hand” harmonies on the chorus really soar. It’s a song about having a good time and it does a nice job of doing that without feeling gratuitous; this is about a celebration of life and enjoying what we have. I love it.

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