Three tracks of absolute ear candy in the indie pop family of genres

palmboy – “Spaceman”
-From the opening layered harmonies, I was immediately struck by the track from palmboy. One of the easiest comps here is Queen, but honestly I think palmboy is doing something new and exciting as well. There’s a vibe that reminds me some of Owl City and other Matt Thiessen projects (like his Earthquakes project). The colorful vibes and soaring electric guitar on this track absolutely stand out from the crowd. I appreciate how it blends elements of classic rock with contemporary electronic music for something that feels truly unique… and sounds like ear candy.

Emilia Tarrant – “Same for me”
-This song captures an entire mood that blends together sadness, joy, and hope. If you’ve ever found yourself in an emotional funk just looking for a way out, this track captures that it’s often through our social connections that we find our way out. The line “you get lost in your head sometimes” hits the nail on the head for me. There are some throwback 80s style pop synth vibes here, too, that give the song a whimsical and light hearted feel even though it is a lyrically rich concept. This is what indie pop is all about for us; this is a great tune that will make you reflect on the people who support you.

Mark Diamond – “Your apartment”
-There’s a cool energy to this track that reminds me a little of early John Mayer; it’s not so much that the actual songwriting is like Mayer so much as it is the mood of the track. Diamond’s songwriting tells the story with the lyrics taking center stage, pulling the listener into the story of the two main characters. If you’ve ever felt that “limbo” with someone where you’re not sure if a relationship might form, this track certainly speaks to that moment. The cool guitar work provides a great basis for the quality vocal to express heartfelt lyrics. The hopeful tension in the lyrics are palpable for the listener throughout the song.

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