Three up tempo rock tunes to give your midweek a kick in the pants

Cameron Neal – “No place to go”
-The official genre for this track is alt rock. I’m definitely in support of that designation. Some of the energy feels like early 2000s punk-flavored pop rock, which I’ve always enjoyed. The soaring vocals and big time power chords make for a really enjoyable sound. Some of the guitar riffs and rhythm section fills make for a satisfying, energetic rock sound. This is the kind of track you can throw on an indie rock playlist and it will make you ask, “wait, who is this?” every time it comes up. Incredibly high quality recording with a phenomenal overall style. I dig it.

Oh Lonesome Ana – “I’m glad you got out (but I miss you)”
-There’s a lot to like about this track from harmonies to a clever lyrical concept. The energy of the track feels a bit like folk rock with a little more tempo adjustment along the way. The lyrics are mostly rooted in regret, but at the same time they have this sincerity of wishing the person would come back. If you’ve ever genuinely said that you want what’s best for someone (rather than just for them to be with you), then this song will resonate. Some of the chromatic chord progressions are really enjoyable as well. This is a complex song that captures some very rich emotional textures quite well.

The Darling Suns – “Under the sun”
-The glowing guitar work on this track makes it stand out right away. There’s a beautiful layered harmonic style to the track that I really appreciate. The vocal nestles itself nicely into the middle of the mix, allowing the listener to follow the lyrics but still enjoy the groove of the main melody. The overall mood of the song feels like it’s meant for a chill rock playlist. Put this one on your summer rock list and you’ll appreciate every time.

Image courtesy: Oh Lonesome Ana IG

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