Three contemplative indie pop tracks to help you assess your life

Silver Lake – “Beaches”
-If you’re looking for a slow burn, intimate recording style then give Silver Lake’s “Beaches” a spin. It’s a really wonderful song with an incredible lead vocal. There’s a sentimentality to the track that’s sure to connect with a lot of listeners. Something about the poetic lyrics and the slow beat makes it feel more like a love letter than a pop song. The slight distortion on the guitars and the understated percussion all works to support the lead vocal and the lyrical message of the song; this is an absolute gem for fans of more relaxed and thoughtful indie pop music.

Don’t kill the beast – “Way to go”
-This track is all about finding your direction in life. If you’ve ever been the poetic type about finding your way (looking at you, high school self), this song will certainly resonate. The sonic balance is quite endearing, with some atmospheric elements that allow the lead vocal to emerge nicely. The connection feels inspirational, allowing the listener the space to connect the lyrics to your own story. The “fall for you” repeated lyric certainly connects to a romantic notion, but it could also just be about togetherness and belonging in non-romantic contexts as well. This is a genre-blending and innovative piece of songwriting.

monarch. – “Morning coffee”
-There’s a romantic sentiment at the heart of this track, but let’s not fool ourselves. It’s a little bit obsessive, too. It’s about wanting to be with someone so much you’re willing to do anything, but if they’re not interested in you… well, heck with them. It’s got some jazzy horns and an attitude-filled lyrical style. It’s kind of a genre mashup in a good way, but it’s a fun little indie pop style that’s sure to put a little bit of energy in your playlist.

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