Sydney Ross Mitchell Shines on Vulnerable New Work

We are always excited to receive new music from Sydney Ross Mitchell. The songwriter has a deep well of talent that makes her one of our site favorites. “Mouth to Mouth” has a vulnerability reminiscent of some of the biggest names popular now. The instrumentation is sparse but affecting, while her vocals are ever heartbreaking and honest. The artist has a way of inviting you into the room with her with a raw intimate production. “Bunny” reflects the dreamy quality in which the artist created it subconsciously. The songwriting is filled with fantasy, blurring lines between dream and reality. The instrumentation is purposely jagged in spots before exploding towards the climax.

“Hollywood Night One” showcases some of her most accessible and relatable work. With boundless talent, the artist croons a love story with a dark backdrop of California. It is for sure a singer songwriter tune, yet shows her ability to put her own signature upon it. We love this track.

Sydney Ross Mitchell has an impressive catalog of music that is sure to endear her to listeners of all types. Be sure to check it out.

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