Three modern folk artists keeping the classic style of the genre alive

Jon Allen – “Can’t stop now”
-If you’re looking for a chilled out throwback folk rock sound, give Jon Allen a spin. Everything from the relatable hook to the easy going overall rhythm make it a great song. Something about the slight rasp in Allen’s vocal even makes it seem like he could hang with the likes of Cat Stevens and Jackson Browne. The subtle organ in the background allows the guitar and rhythm section to pop really well. The whole production balance is brilliant on this one.

Matt Sanders – “Greenhouse”
-I was hooked by this song on the literal first listen. Everything from the composition style to Sanders’ exceptional vocal performance all come together for something unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. The mystical energy of the track makes it feels otherworldly. It’s an innovative production choice to blend atmospheric and more grounded folk elements for a sound that somehow feels like it’s floating. Trust me… just listen to it with your eyes closed and feel it while you use your ears. Sanders has created a sound that is beautifully more than the sum of its parts.

Joe Holt – “Kingston NY”
-If you’ve been around ETTG for a while, you know Joe Holt’s name. But trust me when I say this is Joe Holt at a whole other level. Be prepared for the line, “I’m going to buy myself sushi while someone freezes to death.” It’s about wealth inequality, dreams, and the confusing structure of modern society. It’s a hard song lyrically in that it may make some folks uncomfortable, yet the sonic structure is so absolutely stunning; the juxtaposition is wonderfully effective. It’s definitely worth a listen; it’s okay to confront the truths presented by Holt here. Give it a spin and you might feel something in your soul move; that’s worth it.

Image courtesy: Matt Sanders Facebook

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