Discover the Best Gifts for Music Lovers

Are you shopping for a music lover in your life? If so, you’re probably wondering what the latest and best gifts are this year. There has never been a better time to shop for gifts for musicians online. Music lovers and musicians may have differing tastes and styles, but there are some great tools and gadgets out there that every musician or music listener will appreciate and use over and over again. Whether the music fan you’re shopping for likes going out to events, listening to music at home, or likes to write and record their own music, we’ve got a gift on this list that will be perfect for them. If you’re curious about what the best gifts for music lovers this year are, then stay with us! We’ve put together a list of items that will be perfect for the music fans in your life. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing gifts for music lovers and musicians alike! 

Vinyl Collections 

For any music fan, a collection of their favorite vinyl records by their favorite artists is a fantastic gift to give. There are tons of online retailers that have vast collections of almost every genre and artist you can think of. Whether the person you’re shopping for is into Led Zeppelin, The Offspring, or Drake vinyl, you can find almost every artist’s collections online for great prices and with secure shipping directly to your home. Whatever their favorite artist is, you can surely find it through the vast options available at online vinyl retailers. 

Rave outfits 

Maybe the person you’re shopping for is a fan of going to festivals and events. If so, they’ll probably need some outfits to prepare for all the summer festivals and events they’ll be going to this coming season. Festival outfits are a great gift for anyone who likes to have something fun to wear during summer festivals. Search for things that are lightweight and allow your skin to breathe both for the fun of showing a little skin and staying cool under the hot summer sun. 

Caffeine Pills 

Another gift for the festival lover, caffeine pills are actually a great gift option for those who like going to festivals. Caffeine pills act as a coffee replacement, which can be super convenient for anyone doing a lot of camping and traveling. They can save money on expensive coffees from coffee shops, and save themselves the hassle of making coffee every morning while camping. Sometimes, this is a great option, but other times you just need a quick fix of caffeine so you can get up and get your day started without another activity slowing you down. Fun doesn’t wait! So consider some caffeine pills for your friend who likes to go on adventures and attend summer festivals. 


We all suffer from minor aches and pains due to varying physical activities we might take part in, and musicians are no exception! Musicians who play all day will definitely experience some muscle strain, and when that happens it can be helpful to have a topical ointment or cream to help with those minor aches and pains. Hempvana is a company that makes a fantastic line of hemp based pain relief creams that absorb and work quickly, much faster than typical pain relief options. This is a great solution for any working musician, or for amateur musicians who play consistently to help them relieve sore muscles after a performance or intense rehearsal. 

Noise Canceling Headphones 

Anyone who likes to listen to music at home, on the bus, on planes or on a train knows that headphones sometimes just don’t cut it. Any music fan will likely want something that’s a little bit better and cutting down outside noise like noise canceling headphones. Bose makes several extremely popular noise canceling headphones in over ear and earbud form, and users rave about how great they sound and how great they are at canceling out the noise in our environment. Plus, they are just great sounding headphones for listening to music on the regular, not just when you’re trying to cut the noise down. 

Phone Microphone 

If your music loving friend likes to make their own music, they likely are recording a lot of their own sounds. Whether that’s instruments, or sounds from their environment to manipulate into synths and samples, an external phone microphone is a great and convenient way to get high quality recordings right on your phone. Shure is a popular microphone company that makes a very high quality mobile microphone that simply slides right into the thunderbolt port on any iPhone. Keep in mind that this product is Apple specific, so Android users will need to look at other companies making compatible devices. 

USB Turntable 

Vinyl is going to be a useless gift without one essential tool: a turntable! Turntables are available today for very affordable prices for high quality audio machines. USB turntables are especially special because they allow you to record your vinyl right into your computer so you can digitize your favorite records. Audio Technica is a high quality sound company that sells all kinds of products from microphones to USB turntables. These are some of the most popular record players on the market, and are available for fairly inexpensive prices. Consider getting your music loving friend a USB turntable! 

There are tons of gift options available for musicians today. Music making and listening technology has evolved to such a high degree that high quality tools are more widely available than they ever have been. Vinyl, record players, smartphone microphones and noise canceling headphones are great tools to help your music loving friend appreciate the music they love and that they can make even more than they already do. Additionally, you could consider getting your friend some outfits and fun things to enjoy if they like going to festivals and events. Summer is coming, and the music will be flowing! Good luck on your search and we hope one of these gifts meets the mark for the music lover in your life.

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