Three Americana tunes that will steal your heart and give it back bigger than ever

Curtis Phagoo – “Makin hay”
-Have you ever seen those bumper stickers that say “if you ate today, thank a farmer?” Well, Phagoo’s song is about farmers. It’s got a great classic 70s style of narrative folk. It reminds me of something that could have come from the Ramblin Jack Elliott camp of storytelling folk music. The common phrase, “make hay while the sun shines” is the central lyrical hook for the song, but the rest of the track will make you think about all the hard working folks who feed the world. It’s a great wholesome song about genuine salt of the earth people.

Kiefer Luttrell – “Livin’ hard”
-The easy going folk rock style of this track feels just right. Recently we decided to split our Americana playlists into “modern” and “roots,” but then Luttrell came along and asked, “how about both?” This track feels both vintage as well as quite solidly contemporary. The combination, though, is what makes it so good. There’s a lot of empathy for people who really struggle in life. It’s an interesting rock-influenced style of Americana that’s sure to speak to some of our readership.

Young Folk – “Perfect day”
-If you’re a fan of harmonies (ha!), then you’re going to like this track from Young Folk. There’s an energy in this track that immediately appeals to me. The vocals feel incredibly genuine, but the lyrics are beautiful as well in their own way. The up tempo style encourages people to sing along. The optimistic lyrics are sure to make a lot of people enjoy the sunshine and bright energy of this time of year.

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