Three Americana tracks to bring some energy to your playlists for the weekend

Dean Winter and the Heat – “Up and Break”
-If you’re an Americana fan, you only need to listen to one line of this song and you’ll know exactly who I’m about to compare them to… yep, that’s right… Jason Isbell. And he’s gosh darn royalty among Americana fans. So yeah, it’s really great to hear Winter taking up that similar sound. The effect on the lead guitar, the solid vocal, and the organ in the background are all perfect for the rock-influenced Americana that made Isbell famous. Although, arguably it’s always been Isbell’s lyrics that set him apart and, to be fair, Winter’s got a great deal of that going on here as well. The simple profound truth of learning to “turn the other cheek,” among other things is really well done on this track. Give it a spin.

The Gender Gnomes – “When I say blue”
-Okay so take a great band name…
[Editorial note: I am not actually allowed to end the write up there.] Oh… right, so also, in addition to a great band name, there’s also a folk duo with a lot of enthusiastic spirit. The banjo might be my favorite part. Honestly, the lead vocal reminds me of some of my theater-loving friends in high school… and I mean that with the absolute utmost respect. The genre blend here really does something special bringing together elements of blues, country, folk, and… musicals? Anyways, you should listen to this song and tell your friends because it’s a great time.

Elijah Mann – “Dust storm darlin”
-There’s a captivating energy to this track. On one hand it’s a pop rock dynamic, while there are also some beautiful folk style harmonies as well. It’s an expressive, sincere lyrical style. The track definitely stands out as a unique style within the Americana scene currently. The genre blend on this track is sure to find a lot of supporters among the modern folk fans among our readership.

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