Three radio-ready tracks that will challenge your understanding of “indie” music

JOCKS – “American love”
-Everything from the synthesizers to the driving lyricism of the song feels like an amalgamation of American music from the mid 20th century to today. The beat and percussion reminds me a lot of 80s pop rock. The overall snazzy production style feels like it’s primed for 21st century stardom. The overall combination of influences on this track creates a fascinating dynamic. If you’ve ever had a breakup that left you questioning who you are and what went wrong, this track will resonate. It’s a jam that has a flavor perfect for your summer playlists, too.

Kurt Creger – “If I didn’t have you”
-The smooth syncopation of this track really works. The snappy groove feeds perfectly into the vocoder elements, creating a sound that I’m sure you’ve never heard before. The lyrics reflect on an alternative life if the protagonist was not with someone specific. It’s a creative spin on the “what if we were together” theme, asking what might be if we’re not together. The lyrics are good, but it’s the groove that won me over on this track. Add it to your indie pop playlist and you won’t be disappointed.

Alexa – “Twenty something”
-I really like this piano-driven indie pop song. No matter your age, you can relate to the self reflective sentiment in the lyrics of this song. There’s a lot of uncertainty and hope wrapped up in these words. If you are the type who likes to dream, this song will connect deeply. Just because you dream something doesn’t mean it will happen… and that’s the absolute truth. I sincerely doubt that when this artist wrote this song they were thinking that a late-30s suburban dad would relate so hard, but here we are. It’s a sweetly appealing performance, but the lyrics are emotionally powerful and depending upon where you are in life… could take you on a bit of a feels trip. Fair warning.

Image courtesy: Alexa IG

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