Three indie folk tracks that bring lyrical variety and musical quality

Souveneer – “Origin story”
-There’s a complexity to this song that I really can’t do justice in a short review. The lyrics have layers of complexity about crafting your identity. It reminds me a bit of 90s alt rock mixed with esoteric poetry. Even if you studied the lyrics to this song for some time, you’d probably still find yourself learning a bit more each time. That said, the pleading request in the lyrics is captured nicely in the intensity of the rock instrumentation. It’s a great tune that will keep alt rock and indie folk fans happy in equal measure.

Fozzy Mare – “Patio”
-The understated energy of this mix really captures a special feeling. The harmonies are sweet and endearing. The guitar work holds it all together. But there’s something about the easy going vibe that keeps listeners engaged. Feeling at times like a mid-60s folk tune and other times like a more contemporary style in the vein of Fleet Foxes, the song takes on its own form. Throw it on your own indie folk list and I bet you’ll enjoy it every time it comes up.

Rob Dickson – “Aaron and Rae”
-Rob Dickson’s songwriting style reminds me of a few different artists, namely Noah Gundersen and Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes). So, that’s pretty much royalty for a folk blogger. Dickson’s style also throws it back a bit further to rockers like Springsteen and Tom Petty. The punctuated phrasing and personal narrative lyric style definitely feels like quintessential folk rock. The ambling style of the chorus fits the energy of the lyrics and overall vibe really well. This is a cool track.

Image courtesy: Rob Dickson IG

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