Three indie folk tracks that will set the tone for your new folk playlist

Griffin Anthony – “Honest easy”
-I like this song so much I put it on four playlists (three on soundcloud and one on spotify). So, yeah, how’s that for an endorsement? The acoustic is as smooth as silk. The vocal is carefully balanced in a fantastic bit of production magic. The whole composition has this cool style that defies typical genre conventions. It’s just a nice, calming sentiment that’s part love song and part “life is good” homage. The combination is a sound that resonates with me personally and I hope a lot of our readership will enjoy and support as well.

Dimpker Brothers – “You’re never going to die”
-If you’re looking for a chilled out style of folk music, give this track a spin. Everything from the acoustic balance to the great harmonies stand out for us on this one. The phrasing reminds me of the great Jason Isbell in some places. The overall composition feels like a blend of elements of classic rock and contemporary Americana; it’s easy to hear why this is a sound that we’re happy to support. These guys write with conviction and sincerity.

Lou Hazel – “Claude the Armadillo”
-If you like narrative folk music, give Lou Hazel a quick follow. This song is one of those that will make you shake your head with delight. In the spirit of John Prine, Roger Miller, and every other comedic folk singer, Hazel really created something special with this one. You have to appreciate the throwback production and the absolutely hilarious lyrics. Give it a listen, have a laugh, and share it with your friends.

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