Three energizing new indie pop tracks to get your week started off right

Alta Falls – “Trust me”
-When I tell people I like indie pop music, this is the sound that I’m trying to explain. It’s up tempo, lots of good vibes, with some synthy goodness. The harmonies have to be there, too. Alta Falls have all of these elements in “Trust me.” Even the lyrics feel really “pop” conveying a romantic interest and the good vibes that comes from being with someone in the early process of actually falling in love. The careful balance in the production mix makes it so the listener is compelled to sing along. Even though the synth can feel a bit overly 80s for us, there’s also this energetic modern EDM kind of vibe in the background that makes it feel like a thoroughly 21st century jam. Trust me… most closer to this one. 🙂

Diana Moran – “Seventeen”
-One of my favorite things about running a site like this is that we get to find music that we would probably not ever get to hear. Diana Moran’s songwriting on “Seventeen” is magical, but I don’t know that I ever would have found it with my more traditional folk music searches. This one, though, fits perfectly with the type of sweetly inviting indie pop music that we feature. The sincerity in the lyrics and vocal delivery certainly deserve a wider audience. Regardless of how listeners feel about the overall production vibe, the heart of the song is absolutely pure. We’re happy to support an emerging artist like this and look forward to hearing where Moran’s songwriting takes her in the future.

Fonteyn – “Savanah”
-When I found this song, I couldn’t help but make a comparison to a band like Fleetwood Mac or even the Eagles. It’s a great vintage sound that’s sure to find a lot of fans among our classic readership. The clarity in the vocals is really enjoyable. I love that it captures a vintage sound yet has a modern crispness in the production. It’s the best of both worlds. Now, don’t mind me as I wear some bell bottoms and walk across the shag carpeting…

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