Three emerging singer songwriters we’d love to introduce you to today

Kat Hammock – “Springtime”
-We’ve been fans of Kat Hammock’s incredible vocals for a while now. This new track “Springtime” does not disappoint. It’s an expressive, engaging piece of songwriting with great imagery. Of course Hammock’s vocal intonation is what stands out most on the track, pulling the listener into the story. The production does a nice job of highlighting the main melody without overshadowing the optimistic imagery of a song about springtime. Writing this review in early May with a calm drizzle outside and vibrant green colors emerging from the ground… “it’s gonna be okay.” I agree, Kat, I agree. This is a great song and perfect for seasonal placements.

Stephen Masi – “Bad habits”
-There’s something about the tone of Stephen Masi’s voice that works perfectly for folk music. When the kick drum enters the track and the pace seems to quicken, there’s a clever emotional engagement that captures the listener. If you’ve ever been pursued by a bad habit (and I honestly pray you haven’t), you’ll be able to relate to that feeling of being “chased” that the percussion and pushing guitar give on the track. The mix between Masi’s comforting, relatable vocal with the “pursuit” of the “bad habit” makes the song feel like a theatrical performance as much as a folk song. This is a really remarkable piece of writing that is sure to win a lot of fans among our readership.

Bradley Phillips – “The fence”
-There’s an approachable sincerity to this track that stuck out to me right away. The acoustic guitar feels familiar and comforting. The lyrics discuss the significance of hard work; we use fences to hold in and we use fences to keep out. That dual role of fences wrapped up in the ethic of hard work comes across as a strong metaphor. It probably says more than we’re acknowledging, but it’s certainly worth engagement here. The balance between the comforting melody and the unsettling lyrics makes for an emotionally moving piece of songwriting.

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