Searing New Rock Tracks From Under appreciated Talent

Camens – “Poltergeist”

UK rockers Camens have returned in ’22, just when we needed them most. The act have a new 5 song EP due out soon, and this is their first wildly impressive first single. “Poltergeist” is a ghostly love story which showcases the act’s ability to craft intriguing stories while completely rocking at a refreshing level. Each member fires with all artistic cylinders, each contributing to what is a complete banger. We imagine their already formidable fanbase will only continue to swell after tracks like these.

KOATS – “Backstage Passes”

We like the garage rock sensibility of this one. With “Backstage Passes”, KOATS craft the quintessential pre-show soundtrack. Thank goodness concerts have returned just in time to rock with this Stokes esque jam. There is an honest and nostalgia laced sound to the act that we love. Yet, even in this, KOATS are earnest but not taking them selves too seriously. We are excited to hear more.

New Media – “Slackers”

Sadly we do not receive many tracks from acts like New Media. Their brand of shoe gaze / post punk is a love of ours. Suffice it to say, when we hear songs like “Slackers”, we stand at attention and offer a melancholy soaked grin. Taking cues from legends like Pixies and Pavement, New Media still sound strangely modern. The act blend a lot of styles into four minutes, and we love every single second of it. While we love “Slackers”, we know the band’s best work is still ahead of them.

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