Three indie pop tracks that will make you want to put your hood up and vibe out

Thomas Jakob – “Apple Pie” (Lizzy McAlpine cover)
-It always feels like a little bit of inception when someone covers an artist that we’ve featured here. In this case, Lizzy McAlpine is one of those songwriters that we can almost approve without even hearing. She’s always so, so good. “Apple Pie” is a beautiful piece of songwriting. Jakob’s version here captures the essence of the acoustic piece while adding in some electronic elements that breath a new life into the song. It retains the gorgeous harmonies on the chorus while adding unique twists to other elements of production in a way that will keep fans of the original happy while introducing the indie pop world to some of McAlpine’s more acoustic stylings. It’s a win-win and we’re here for it.

Dead Nettle – “The dealer”
-There’s an impactful percussive energy to this track that might make it feel a bit more punctuated than a typical indie pop track, but I think it holds up. The fuzzy guitars and the way the vocal is nestled into the mix feels just right for indie pop. It’s an alt rock style that has glimpses of smooth melody. The lyrics have a compelling narrative energy to them that’s sure to stand out from the typical indie pop crowd. It’s well worth some time engaging with the beat, the lyrics, and the overall aesthetic of this creative, genre-blending track.

Street Hockey Champ – “Perfect world”
-Although I was never a champion, I did play a bit of street hockey back in my day. I think the vibes of this track are similar to that past time. Easy going and still sincere, having fun with friends and getting a run out. The guitars and overall composition on this track feel a bit like late 90s alt rock, but again maybe I’m projecting my own street hockey days. That being said, I found this track to have a really enjoyable energy to it that honestly defies easy genre categorization. Is it pop? Kind of. Is it rock? Yes. Is it full of the kind of chilled out vibes you want for your playlist? Also yes.

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