Three indie rock tracks to bring some energy and excitement to this coming weekend

Juliana Madrid – “Peppermint”
-I love this song. I love everything from the quality of the lead vocal to the energy of the guitars. The drum beat keeps it moving and the melody feels familiar. But you know what I like the most? The lyrics. I’m sure it wasn’t written for a middle-aged suburban dad, but long before I was this version of myself, I was a pop punk loving young man who would have LOVED everything about this track. So listening to this, frankly, makes me feel young again. It’s also such an adventure to hear rock music that can feel like an instant time machine. This is a FANTASTIC piece of pop rock songwriting.

Brite Spot – “Drive home”
-The up tempo energy of this track definitely impressed me right away. The engaging mix feels somehow like it has elements of commercial pop as well as “alt rock” stylings as well. The combination resonates throughout the track well. The vocal harmonies provide a nice bit of cohesion to the sound as well. The lyrics are about trying to make it home with someone we really care about. It’s relatable and invites the listener to really vibe out with this one.

The Man Who – “Cage”
-Get ready to have your socks syncopated right off with this track. If it’s fuzzy guitars, impactful percussion, and an impassioned vocal that you want, The Man Who bring it with intensity here. This is a colorful blend of intensity and chill style. When I think about the swagger that it takes to be a rock star, this is essentially what I think about. The bright energy on the chorus invites the listeners to join in on the song while the verses have a good, grungy angst to them. If you’ve ever felt wild and free after a prolonged time of feeling “caged,” this song will speak to your soul. It definitely connects for me both sonically and lyrical. This. is. rock.

Image courtesy: Juliana Madrid IG

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