Three tracks capturing the folk spirit of our site nicely

Jude Moses – “Kokoro”
-The number of times that I’ve accepted a track with a discordant opening is very, very small. So when I do it’s because something spectacular follows the distortion. I can safely say that the harmonies on this track are truly that level of special. It reminds me of the way I felt when I first found Fleet Foxes. If you know anything about this site’s history, you’ll know they were one of the bands that is why we even became bloggers. This is an incredible song with some beautiful layered harmonies and a just-perfect amount of experimental melody work. Give it a spin.

Tyler Edwards – “Now or never”
-The first time I heard Tyler Edwards was several years ago back in the early days of our blog. Hearing his work now reminds me of those early imaginative days. I can’t help but wonder if we could tell Edwards that he’d still be making music of this quality today how happy he’d be. The folk energy of the track is a nice balance of light atmospheric work with some deep, engaging lyrical work. The blending of the two makes for a style that is rare and, by definition, extra valuable when we do find it. Give Edwards a chance and you’ll be bound to find something that stands out from the folk crowd.

Mo Kle – “Self portrait”
-I remember when this track came up while going through submissions. To say it “stopped me in my tracks” is an understatement. I literally closed out of the other windows I had opened and just gently closed my eyes to listen to this. It might seem like another piece of acoustic fingerpicking and folk lyricism… but let me tell you this is a special piece of songwriting. It’s existential, meaningful, and deeply satisfying if you take time to really connect. While the music is calming, the lyrics are unsettling in the best way possible. It’s worth your time and consideration.

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