Three tracks that fuse folk and rock together quite nicely

Laney Jones – “Not alone”
-If you had the privilege of growing up around musical people, then you’ll know what it’s like to throw together a performance. You have this person on guitar, another on percussion, and so on… with seemingly no limit on the group that sings along. That “all of my family, all of my history” sentiment from the lyrics of this song connect with my own experience of growing up in a musical family. The way that music can bring us together is really something spectacular. There are some production decisions on the track that make it feel intentionally imperfect, which highlights that ad hoc “jam session” feel so incredibly well. It makes me sad for days that are no more… but it makes me hopeful that a “time will come again.” This is an absolute jam and I’m so glad to have learned about it.

PS- Despite us both having the last name Jones and this post being about family making music, Laney Jones is no relation (that I know of). Nevertheless, after listening, I wouldn’t doubt if we’re related somewhere along the line. <3

Lampland – “Newborn feelings”
-There’s an understated energy to this track that definitely makes it stand out from the crowd. The vocal comes through with a solid consistency that pushes through the track with the driving rhythm. The lyrics focus on the feeling of being enraptured by someone. The poetic lyrical style and chill beat is sure to make the song resonate with a lot of fans of folk rock classic style. If you miss the classic storytelling rock of the early 70s, you’ll find a lot to like about this song.

Beach Brother – “Self love”
-There might not be a more quintessentially 21st century term than “self love.” Everything about it connotes a focus on the self, from joy and satisfaction to the push to improvement. So imagine my surprise when a song with a thoroughly modern theme that has a colorfully vintage composition style to it. Feeling more like a late 60s psychedelic vibe than anything on the pop charts today, the song is an absolute hidden gem. The glowing effect on the electric guitar is matched by expressive vocals that combine inflections and influences drawn from the last several decades of music. It’s an adventurous sonic experience well worth your time.

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