Three folk singer songwriters that you will want for your 2022 folk playlists

Jon Bell – “City stars”
-I love this song. The harmonies stole my heart from the very first listen. Since then, I’ve heard more and more elements that I appreciate from the depth of the lyrics to the soothing chord progression. It’s part Beach Boys, part storytelling folk, and just an amazing piece of songwriting. This is essentially an amalgamation of type of music that I like. So if you’ve been following my folk coverage for the past few years, you are almost sure to like Bell’s work on this track. Give it a spin and swoon.

August Gilde – “What the world is waiting for”
-The acoustic finger picking on this song is sure to catch the attention of the guitar lovers among our readership. The vocal and the lyrics are sure to resonate with our folk lovers. The combination, though, should connect with everyone. It reminds me of sitting around a campfire or a small cafe venue to listen to a troubadour tell their tales. Gilde’s expressive folk sound feels like it could have been minted in the midst of 60s Greenwich Village. Even the use of metaphor and fairytale feels like it’s perfectly expressed here. It’s a great tune.

Jarrad K – “the waitress”
-I smile every time I play this song from Jarrad K. The phrasing and overall style feels really good. The easy comparison for me is Ben Rector, a longtime favorite of ETTG. So yeah, consider me impressed and interested right away. The story is so good! The narrator’s voice is really careful to tell the story without feeling overly romanticized and cheesy. There’s conflict and tension. That’s what makes it work so well, though. The melody is endearing and the lyrical pictures are delightfully vivid. I recommend that you start the song from the very beginning, gently close your eyes, and picture the story. Oh… and try not to cry. It’s an emotional one (in the best way possible).

Image courtesy: Jarrad K website

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