Three Americana tracks with a folk spirit and unique expression

Denitia – “Highways”
-I love this song. I know that’s not a very dispassionate “music media” perspective, but I just personally find it so charming and enjoyable. It’s got just enough of that old school roots country sound that it feels like the real deal, yet at the same time there’s a lightness in the composition that makes it go down really smooth. Denitia’s vocal is absolutely stellar. If I ran a roots country radio station, I would play this song every hour. It’s just so good. The sense of movement, adventure, and good vibes of “moving on” when it’s what’s best… the match between lyrics, composition, and performance is exquisite.

Ben Gage – “Cuyahoga”
-As a site based in Northeast Ohio, of course our attention was captured by a song called “Cuyahoga.” But… oh my word… it’s also very good. The vocal has a soulful smokiness to it that works really well. The instrumentation feels like a quintessential Americana vibe to it. If you’ve ever experienced the dulling pain of heartache, this song will resonate. It’s a perfect track for a gloomy, gray spring morning here in Ohio. Give it a spin.

Joe Johnson – “Far from you”
-The production mix on this song from Joe Johnson is absolutely outstanding. From first listen, the immediate connection and comparison I made was Dustin Kensrue. Johnson’s phrasing and strum style even reminds me of Kensrue’s style of acoustic folk. Johnson’s expressive lyrical style feels deeply personal while allowing openings for listeners to connect. Once the chorus kicks in with the layered vocals, the song goes from good to great. This is a beautiful example of the type of modern folk that brings in elements of classic Americana to create something truly fresh and unique.

Image courtesy: Denitia IG

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