Three Americana singer songwriters to capture your attention this midweek

Jessica Willis Fisher – “Fire song”
-This is a song about fire. It’s also a song about measuring the substance and meaning of the past. We cannot live with regret. The power and energy of the lead song is really great. The vocal harmonies are also one of the standout elements of the track. If you’re looking for a high energy style of Americana with a modern rock flair and a bit of pop country textures as well, this song is sure to stand out for you. It’s a little more progressive than the type of Americana we typically feature, but it’s so well done we had to share it with our readers.

Wild Meridian – “How I know”
-Right at the intersection of folk, country, and modern rock, Wild Meridian have a beautiful harmony-driven sound. The song “How I know” is essentially a love song. It’s got an intimate lyrical message that works really well here. I would honestly be interested in hearing more of a stripped down acoustic version of the song. That said, the soaring rock production elements on the chorus do allow the vocals to express a full range of passion here. It’s a track that blends genres well.

Samuel Jack – “Carry you through”
-Sometimes when you hear the first few notes of a song, you can just tell it’s going to be good. I thought that on this track, especially when Jack’s vocal entered the track. The tangible sense of tension in the opening of the track is really special; then the vocal on the chorus just makes the song take off. It’s a sound that reminds me a little of what I felt when I first ran across Chris Stapleton. Expressive, soulful, and down to earth, it’s the kind of voice that just makes you believe what’s being sung. This is a song about pouring your heart and soul into a relationship. It’s not about God, necessarily, but this is a gospel tune in more ways than one. Enjoy it, friends.

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