Three energetic singer songwriters for your late March enjoyment

Lee DeWyze – “Bridges”
-Shhh. Whatever you are doing while you are multitasking just stop and concentrate on this song. It’s going to be one of the best songs you’ve heard in 2022 and I’m not exaggerating. The melody is charming and sweet but the vocals are positively divine on this song. There’s nothing that I can say to make any of this make sense. It’s a breathtaking piece of music and I’m putting it on my song of the year candidate list. Close your eyes and enjoy these blissful harmonies.

Flagship Romance – “Angel Dream” (Petty cover)
-Well if you’re looking for a reimagining of a Tom Petty track, check out Flagship Romance’s version of “Angel Dream.” The acoustic guitars are quite “dreamy” in their own right. The vocal harmonies are quite good on this one. Petty’s lyrics feel like classic folk and this brightness in the tempo and the vocal harmonies definitely breath new life into the track. Fans of folk duos will like this one for sure.

Joe Hicks – “Mirror mirror”
-There’s a driving rock energy to this track that stands out from the crowd. Feeling like a pop rock track with a bit of extra energy, Joe Hicks gives us an anthem that fuses together styles from the early 2000s to the present day. The expressive inflections in the electric guitar take center stage, providing highlights to help the punctuated vocal sound stand out. If high flying pop rock is your style, then look no further than Joe Hicks and this upbeat new tune.

Image courtesy: Joe Hicks IG

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