Three lo-fi tracks that will give listeners an appreciation for low fidelity production styles

Jon Bell – “Teen”
-One of the descriptors given for this track was “lo-fi” so I was definitely interested. As I clicked play on the track, I was pulled into a world that felt a bit like starting to read a fantasy novel. The sounds swirled together, including a beautiful and unexpected clarinet duo. The track has a chilled out R&B vibe to it, but it’s more than any single genre convention. It’s all about the mood and vibe of the track, which is undeniably glowing with energy. The soaring electric guitar solo takes atmospheric distortion to a whole other level. This is a fantastic and fantastical piece of writing.

Leah Humphrey – “CVS receipt”
-There’s an understated energy here that really works well. Humphrey’s vocal feels both intimate and has just the right of effect on it. The song feels a bit like having a late night phone conversation with a friend. You really want to connect and help them but the disconnection is palpable. Yet you stay on the line. The line about “standing on the ledge” is absolutely heartbreaking. The song has a lot of emotions wrapped into it and will be relatable to a lot of listeners. The lo-fi production allows the vocal and lyrics to pop all the more effectively. This one is challenging and rewarding all at once.

Street Hockey Champ – “Drinks at Sharlene’s (Demo)”
-First of all, let me just say how incredible it is that this is a demo. We’ve listened to a lot of accomplished, well-travelled veteran musicians that haven’t released a track as good as this “demo.” There’s a folk rock energy to this track that definitely made it stand out for us. The easy going rhythm works well, but there’s something about the familiar chord progression and relatable vocal that makes it work for us even more. If you’re looking for a style of rock music that sounds like the guys next door strumming a few chords and telling a story, this song might be for you. Of course it’s a lot more complex and more accomplished than that, but it’s the vibe. I cannot wait to hear how Street Hockey Champ continue to evolve if this is a “demo.”

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