Three dynamic indie pop tracks to energize your midweek

Eleven Point Two – “Blurry”
-There’s an up tempo optimism to this track that really pops for me. Something about the mood feels like the energetic theme songs of 90s TV shows. Maybe that’s why I like it so much? But even if you don’t make that comparison, there’s a lot to like in the pure sense of feel good melody to the track. The lead vocal feels familiar, the rhythm is bouncy, and the lyrics are relatable to anyone who has tried to plan their future and finds that “nothing turns out right.” This is a song about making the most of situations, even if it feels like things are a bit out of control at times.

Jonny Lucas – “The needle’s falling”
-The up tempo beat of this track is really exciting. It connects my fandom for 60s pop rock with a sort of 2000s pop punk sound. The combination works really well with some incredible production work on this track. The lyrics have a theme of being about a record player but it seems to have an existential meaning about patterns in life. “When it all comes back it all comes back around.” It’s a really clever track and one of the best indie pop rock tunes I’ve heard in 2022. Give it a spin!

Filler – “Sunny side up”
-If breakfast food is your lyrical inspiration, you’re going to have a head start on the competition with me. No, but seriously, this is a fun up tempo rock-infused indie pop track. I appreciate the verse plenty, but the chorus absolutely kills it. Can I say that it’s… egg-cellent? Sorry. I hope I didn’t crack up our readers. Too many yokes and people won’t take this music seriously. 🙂 I love the harmonies, the forward momentum, and the sing-a-long melody here. This song’s so good, I’d like to have a whole dozen.

Image courtesy: Jonny Lucas IG

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