Three indie pop tracks that show the variety within the subgenre

Mrxz – “You”
-This is a love song. It’s the lovey-est love song I’ve heard in a long time. The electric guitar is hypnotic and charming. The vocal is expressive and sincere. The combination of these factors along with endearingly sweet lyrics make for a wonderful piece of songwriting. There’s an energy to this song that feels like a lullaby more than a typical indie pop banger and we’re so glad for it. Put this on your chill out, vibe out, and take a nap playlist. You’ll dig it every time.

The Collection – “Won’t stop yet”
-Fans of artists like Adam Melchor and Ben Rector, both of whom we’ve covered on this site, will find a lot to like about the pop goodness of The Collection. The lead vocal is absolutely outstanding. Every lyric is crystal clear, every vocal note is pitch perfect, and every unique rhythm is ideally placed. The groove is infectious, the hook works well, and the “sing along” vocals make listeners want to join right in. This was tailor made to be a hit record and all it needs is a nudge/share from all of us to our million closest friends. You should definitely spin this one and share with the people who help you keep going in life.

Juliana Madrid – “Madonna”
-When you think “indie pop” in your head, you probably think about a sound similar to this track from Juliana Madrid. It’s got a heavy hitting pop beat, a killer lead vocal, and a crispy lyrical style that pops from concept to concept. It just makes the listener want to go out and party, feeling the energy and vibe of a pop music club. It’s reflecting on a lover, of course, but it’s also about freeing yourself from the clutches of something in your past. It’s a liberation anthem with a fantastic melody and vocal. Give it a spin and play it for the girls on your next outing; it hits all the right indie pop notes.

Image courtesy: Juliana Madrid IG

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