Three acoustic singer songwriters to get the week off on the right foot

Tim the Lion Tamer – “Cold cold ground”
-If you’re a fan of indie folk music that we’ve been featuring on this site from the day we started, you will already be familiar with Tim the Lion Tamer. This songwriting is absolutely phenomenal. Everything from the expressive acoustic guitar to the meaningful lyrics are all vintage folk music. If you’ve ever been out sleeping on the cold ground, this song will connect deeply. It’s an expressive and rewarding bit of folk music songwriting. Put this on your playlist and love it every time it plays!

Jorden Makelle – “Dark side”
-Stop what you are doing and pay attention to this song. Makelle’s songwriting is captivating; the minimalist presentation here might not stand out as much as some other tracks but just… trust me and listen. Makelle’s vocal is beautifully articulate, delivering each line with depth and sincerity. The chamber folk style of the strings in the background provides a gorgeous base to an authentic bit of songwriting. It’s about enduring through a rough patch in a relationship; it’s relatable, gentle, accessible, and just feels right. “I’ll stick around and stay with you because I know I got a dark side, too.” Dang.

Cam Monroe – “I have it all”
-If you’re looking for more of a pop-influenced style of acoustic folk, check out this track from Cam Monroe. The lead vocal is nicely delivered, harkening back to some pop country artists from the 90s and early 2000s. It’s nice to hear a narrative style like this coming through in such a pop-influenced sound. This is definitely a track I could imagine breaking through as a crossover style. It defies genre but the basic singer songwriter core of the track is solid.

Image courtesy: Jorden Makelle IG

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