Three acoustic singer songwriters to bring calm this weekend

Odie Leigh – “Crop circles”
-When I approved this song, I actually said, “how can I NOT approve this?” I mean it’s just so perfectly what we love about folk music. It’s timeless and beautiful, yet at the same time has this fresh energy and brightness that stands out. I feel like I’ve heard this on an old record from the 1960s, yet I also feel like it’s a sound that I’ve never heard in my life. Leigh’s vocal is solid, sustained, and conveys the lyrics well throughout the song. This is a truly unique bit of folk music that’s sure to find support from our readers.

Big Little Lions – “Someday”
-We’ve been saying yes to pretty much everything from Big Little Lions for a while now. It’s easy to hear why; the production and songwriting is really wonderful here. The vocal harmonies are my favorite part, of course, but there’s this intimate style to the song that makes me want to nestle up with it. Can you make a song into a blanket and a cup of coffee? Because if that was possible, I would do that with this song. It’s a comfortably captivating song about projecting hope for the future. We could use a bit of that these days. But… folks… the *harmonies*…

Jeremy Nathan – “Jesus Camp”
-I don’t know how to feel about this song, really, but as someone who spent years going to a Christian camp… um… yep. As folk music goes it’s a really good use of consistent imagery. Nathan’s expressive songwriting shows familiarity with the subject matter and someone who’s not afraid to turn a fun phrase to make a point. I mean if I’m honest, he kind of reminds me of the guys that worked at church camp. The lyrical concept of hoping not to break someone’s heart while subtly bragging about having broken a lot of hearts along the way… gives me some complicated emotions. Anyways, I wanted to feature it here because I think it’s an important song and a lot of you will connect with it.

Image courtesy: Odie Leigh IG

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