Three old time tracks that’ll make you appreciate the roots of country and Americana music

Low Water Bridge Band – “Midnight in Virginia”
-Everything from the pickin to the singin all works well on this track. There’s a nice combination of sacred (in terms of the gospel sound) and the earthly (the lyrics). If you’ve ever felt lonesome and longed to be with someone, this song will resonate. It’s got on a relatable style and some really wonderful harmonies throughout. This is a track for those who love classic country and roots country sounds.

Brad Armstrong – “Everyone lost” ft. Maria Taylor
-There’s an old fashioned energy to this song that connected with me right away. Armstrong’s vocal has a crackling sincerity that holds the track together. The fiddle work is really magical as well, creating a texture that feels timeless. Something about the track feels like a connection between the past and the present. The sentiment feels a bit like an obituary, looking back on a life. The swing and overall melody feels quite comfortable on this one.

Erik DeLong and the Slappy Boys – “My Own Way”
-This is the most bluegrass anti-bluegrass song you’ve ever heard. What I mean is that the song is absolutely vintage bluegrass in terms of instrumentation and style, yet the message is not typical of the typical gospel style of bluegrass. I’m not sure if the “my own way” message is about turning from a broken romantic relationship or if it has a spiritual component to it, but it’s certainly about a turn toward a self-pleasing life. I enjoy the banjo and fiddle work, especially. It’s nice to hear a song that captures that old sound with a nice, contemporary kick to it.

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