Three absolutely outstanding “next level” modern folk artists you need to hear!

Nanuk – “Waterlily”
-From the first time I heard this track, I was awakened by the beauty. The acoustic work is absolutely stunning here. Then… the vocals. Oh my word. The comparison for me is another band we’ve covered a good bit here, Bear’s Den. The overall mix is exceptional on this piece of music. The guitar and vocal balance is delicate and perfectly executed. The lyrics are romantic, intimate, and capture those blissful moments of hoping that someone wants to be your longer term partner. It’s intimate and sincere in the best way possible.

Bear’s Den – “Shadows”
-There’s a certain energy that comes from Bear’s Den’s music and it’s always captivating. It’s a bit more experimental than most of the folk that we cover, but when it hits us it can be some of the most mind-blowing music we hear in a year. This track has that indie pop flavor behind the folk style. The vocal, as always, is amazing from Bear’s Den. The syncopated beat on the chorus with the soaring vocal and keys (or is it synth?) create a wonderfully atmospheric experience. This isn’t just a song for the background; this is a song that will capture your attention.

Smith and Thell – “Planet Mars”
-If you like piano-focused folk music, give this song a chance. I was immediately blown away by the melody and the lead vocal on this track. The production effects on this track are really well balanced, allowing the lead to cut through and the harmony to highlight it just right. There’s an intimate style to this track that absolutely stands out from the crowd. This is folk pop music done at an extremely high level. To give an indication of how I feel about this track in terms of quality, the first thing I did was send it to two friends of mine who are professional musicians. It’s an EXCEPTIONALLY good song. I would also advise that you stick around for the end because it absolutely SOARS.

Image courtesy: Smith and Thell IG

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