Three vibey pop rock tracks that you’ll want for your playlists immediately

Mae Krell – “Imposter Syndrome”
-There’s a chill vibe to this track that immediately captures my attention. Krell has a great, soulful vocal that works really well for the overall style. But it’s the lyrics – oh my word – the lyrics about imposter syndrome and not trusting yourself. It’s so relatable. Everyone who listens to this song will be able to relate to at least moments in life where this sentiment can connect. What I love about the song, though, is that it pushes the listener to consider the influences in your life. Be kind to yourself. The combination of vibes and relatable lyrics are a bit too real. Spin it, fam.

Madeleine Mayi – “for a second”
-I have to make a confession about this song; the first time I tried to write about it I stopped in the middle and shed a few tears. The heart of this song is so evident. You’ve heard the phrase “heart on your sleeve.” Mayi captures that. There’s a magic that comes from the piano and the vocal, which are in an absolutely blissful mix here. It’s rare for me to get to the end of a song and wish there was more; I’ve listened to this so many, many times. It’s one you don’t just hear, you can feel it. Solemnly truthful and meaningful.

Joe Probert – “I’ll find a place”
-Whether you call this soul or rock, it’s a whole experience listening to Joe Probert’s track “I’ll find a place.” The balance between the guitar, vocal, and the keys works really well. The dreamy inflection on “I’ll find a place” connects a loving sentiment with a hopeful future. He’s swooning someone. He’s romancing. The expressive vocal style feels sincere. If you’re a fan of neo soul music, you have to check out Probert’s work. The vibes on this one are beautiful and quite tangible. Give it a shot.

Image courtesy: Madeleine Mayi IG

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