Three exciting indie pop tracks including a brand new song from the incomparable Ben Abraham!

Ben Abraham – “I am here (Walk and sing)”
Ben Abraham has one of the best voices in the music industry today. He’s a world class talent and his songwriting talent seems to have no bounds. That said, this latest track’s guitar work is exceptional, providing a basis for the saccharine vocals from Abraham. The combination feels so delightfully light and energizing. It makes me want to walk and move; it makes me want to embrace life and do something meaningful. This is a beautiful manifestation of positive vibes about love and life. The moving percussive elements help to accentuate the sense of positive forward momentum in the lyrics. This is Abraham at his finest and we’re happy to support this amazing track.

Libby Steel – “Ebbs and flows”
-The immediate comparison for Libby Steel is probably someone like Stevie Nicks. That said, there’s a powerful pop energy on this track that feels like it mashed together 70s, 80s, and 90s pop into a glorious amalgam of sound. The sense of “flow” in the lyrics comes into the instrumentation and melody as well. At times danceable and other times a little more cerebral, the song feels like the energy of a relationship with the way that it ebbs and flows. It’s been a long time since I found a song that had a lyrical metaphor match so well with the composition. This one’s a treat!

Amori – “Drowning”
-If you are a fan of sweet acoustic pop with a quality lead vocal, check out this track from Amori. It’s interesting in that the composition style feels light hearted but the lyrics are quite dark. It feels like it emerged from a dark emotional place, yet there’s a brightness in the vocal that is rewarding for the listener. Sometimes it’s good to just listen to sad songs, even if they have a poppy style. This would be perfect for a playlist of self reflective, thoughtful music. We’re happy to feel sad with Amori.

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