Three captivating folk singers who keep our faith alive in the genre

Spencer Hoffman – “Like a bird”
-Kick off your boots and take a few minutes to enjoy this new tune from Spencer Hoffman. The opening line and quality of the lead vocal is going to make you pay attention. There’s something deeply satisfying about the ambling rhythm of the track. The lyrics, though, whew. Those are unexpectedly captivating. This song reminds me a bit of Rayland Baxter, to be honest. Hoffman brings a narrative form and stellar lyrics to a true folk singer’s folk tune. Give it a spin if you’re looking for something different that feels wholesomely familiar.

Evan Effres – “Mermaid”
-The production on this track is out of this world! The mix on the guitars and vocals, in particular, impress me with every listen. The overall energy propels the song forward with a genuine sense of momentum. The lyrics have a metaphorical weight to them. The layered metaphors make the song one that you can listen to over and over, seeking new meaning each time. I love the chromatic melodic elements and the way the electric guitar riffs highlight the pops and curves of the melody. The whole thing just strikes me as a cleverly written, truly unique piece of folk rock songwriting. Give this one a spin and share it with your friends.

Paul Weinfield – “For Kafka”
-It’s been some years since I read the Metamorphosis, but it’s great to hear this crossover of art from literature to music. Weinfield strikes me as a deep thinking type. The lyrics on this track are quite captivating. The line about being a cage in search of a bird is beautifully unsettling. The guitar work caught me right away, but the depth of the lyrics and richness in the composition is deeply rewarding to those who take the time to parse out the variable meanings of the words. This is not the “hey ho” version of folk music; this is rich in tradition and for the intellectually rich elements of folk singer songwriter music.

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