Three indie rock tracks showing the beautiful textures within the genre

Jason Wade – “Polaroids”
-If you miss the classic rock energies of yesteryear, check out Jason Wade’s latest track “Polaroids.” It’s a fitting sound for a song about an older style of photography. If you’ve ever looked back on the “good old days” via stacks of old real tactile photographs, this track will resonate in your soul. The easy going guitars and good harmonies remind me of a whole host of 70s folk rock groups, not the least of which being the Eagles. This is such a great tune.

Eli Dasilva – “Don’t Tell Me”
-There’s a punctuated punk energy to this track that hits really well. The lyrics are about trying to make it in music, but it’s relatable to everyone. It’s about paying attention to your life on a day to day basis rather than focusing on “making it” in whatever you do. I appreciate the fusion of punk with grungy elements, yet, somehow it has really well-written and clear lines both with guitar as well as vocals. It’s a grungy sound without the need for the grungy style vocals… and that really resonates with me. I hope you dig it as well.

Indigo Boulevard – “On Your Time”
-There’s a powerful energy to this track that radiates from the lead vocal and the percussive style. It’s anger. It’s frustration. It’s jealousy. The song is really relatable if you’ve ever felt resentment toward someone when a relationship didn’t work out. The quality on the lead vocal is what overwhelms me on this one. It’s really rare to find this kind of resounding quality without yelling in rock music; I think this song’s hopeful expressiveness makes it good but I can’t wait to hear more from this vocalist in the future.

Image courtesy: Indigo Boulevard IG

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