Three tracks blurring the lines between indie pop and indie rock

Cy – “Hate to hate you”
-I genuinely appreciate the talent that it takes to write a song like this. In a world with so much indie pop, it takes an incredible gift to stand out from the crowd. Cy does just that with a mix of an engaging groove with a memorable lyrical hook. If you’ve ever been exhausted by the crazy cycle that follows a break up, this track will resonate in some powerful ways. The way the deep emotional experiences seemingly roll off the tongue for Cy is nothing short of magical. This is a lyrically complex track that goes down smooth in the vein of an artist like Billie Eilish or Phoebe Bridgers.

Yoav Arbel – “Naomi”
-If you’re looking for a chill indie pop track with some colorful chord selections, check out Yoav Arbel’s new track “Naomi.” There’s a classic rock vibe to the track that’s sure to connect with a lot of our readership. Fans of the mid-70s vibes of bands like the Eagles will find a lot to like here. The approachable instrumentation and easy going feel remind me a bit of the always charming Jackson Browne. This song is the sonic embodiment of the expression “ear candy.” It’s incredibly sweet in all the right ways.

Easy Honey – “Gotta get back”
-At first blush, this is an indie rock track. However, the more I listened the more it felt like a classic pop tune. Imagine the boys of the 1960s with their slick hair cuts with the swooning girls in their saddle shoes… it’s a whole vibe. Of course the guitar work feels a bit more modern and the production mix is contemporary, but the mood is still there. The nostalgic composition style mirrors the “gotta get back” lyrical concept well. This is one of those tracks that sounds good from the start, but also has layers that will make you dig it more the more you listen. Check it out and share it with friends who appreciate artfully crafted rock music.

Image courtesy: Cy IG

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