Two neoclassical pieces for reading, studying, and meditating

Meg Blumberg – “Klaar”
-If you’re looking for a bit of peaceful piano work, look no further than Meg Blumberg’s composition. There’s a beautiful minimalism to this composition that is exactly what we look for in neoclassical music. The phrasing connects well from line to line in the piece. There’s enough space to allow the imagination to wander, yet the whole piece holds the attention of the listener well. It’s a delight.

Daniel Rosenholm – “Skärgårdselegi”
-I have to admit I cut and pasted that title because I don’t even know what some of those symbols mean. That said, what I do know is that Daniel Rosenholm has a gift for expressing deep emotion with the piano. It’s one of the most remarkable and inexplicable parts of writing about music… when something someone across the world felt in their heart gets conveyed to me as I listen. This is a gorgeous piece of music. I don’t know what it means and I won’t even try to interpret meaning, but what I will say is that I FEEL it. The piano and strings (cello? bass? both?) work together to create an incredibly emotional composition.

Image courtesy: Meg Blumberg IG

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