Three indie pop tracks with a rich variety of textures

Scoobert Doobert – “Wavy”
-“When you’re trying to catch a wave you’re gonna have to find the sweet spot.” I mean… he’s not wrong. What an absolutely delicious piece of songwriting. Everything from the R&B flavored beat to the chilled out overall energy makes this song an instant classic for me. It feels like a chilled out weekend with close friends. It’s weird because while it’s clearly a song… music… vibrating air… but it makes me think about light. Neon, glowing light. It’s just a whole vibe that transcends time and space. Spin this one, friends, regardless of what genres you claim to love. This is exquisite.

Welshly Arms – “Are you lonely?”
-We’ve been covering Welshly Arms around here for years. They’re an amazingly dynamic rock act with a lot of energy. There’s a powerful message in the lyrics on this song about abusing substances to feel something then feeling lonely the next day. It’s a really important topic to engage. The ultimate positive message of the song is that we need to change and come together without these silly excuse. We’re in this together so we need to live like it. The unison vocals on the chorus are absolutely magical and make me want to see them live and sing with the crowd. I love the genre bending energy of this incredible track.

Flowerchild – “Don’t wanna see me fly”
-There’s a chill energy to this track that feels more folk than indie pop, but it’s definitely a fun little vibey song. The lead vocal has an almost musical theater style to it. Once you get to the chorus you’ll hear this remarkable little chromatic chord change with a vintage flourish to it that conjures reminiscences of the 1960s. The whole vibe is delightful and encourages listeners to swoon. (Just me? I doubt it.) It’s a feel good track about convincing someone to want to be with you. “Why can’t we work it out? You don’t want to see me fly?” It’s a dash passive aggresive, but it’s definitely a relatable sentiment wrapped up in a beautiful harmonic structure.

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