Three indie rock tunes to bring up the excitement for this weekend

Freedom Fry – “Be your man”
-The retro vibes of this track from Freedom Fry are evident from first listen. The beat feels almost disco in its energy, but it just seems to work on this one. The optimistic message about wanting to be with someone tonight just… feels very Friday (or should I say Saturday) Night Fever. It’s got a moving rhythm and a simple lyrical message, but the composition has all the feel good vibes. Also, that bass sound (is that a pedal effect? or something done in production?) is really energizing and exciting. What a fun jam!

Vancool – “See to believe”
-Every once in a while you find a band that seems to coalesce influences from your life and Vancool does just that. I shared this with a loved one and said it combines 90s alt rock with Ben Folds style harmonics. I stand by that and think a lot of folks in our particular generation will find a lot to enjoy in this sound. It’s definitely a vibey kind of rock that has the kind of quizzical lyrical message that ultimately still works given the energy and composition style. I will throw this on a lot of my own rock lists.

Last Letters ft. Nisa – “How’s your low?”
-I’m sure that real rock heads have some subgenre to call this sound from Last Letters, but here’s what I’m going to call it — vibey, chill rock that feels right. The lead vocal comes through clearly allowing the listeners to enjoy the message and overall energy of the track. It’s about love and or connection, ostensibly, but it’s the ringing electric guitar work that helps the track connect. The combination of the two different vocal styles with the rhythm section drawing the connection makes for a chronology-bending alt rock vibe that’s sure to find support among our readership.

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