All The Queen’s Horses Leave us Stunned

All The Queen’s Horses – “The Troubled Tears of Drury Road”

Steeped in Irish songwriting, this project of Sean Murphy is absolutely arresting. The beauty in “The Troubled Tears of Drury Road”, and honestly all of his music, is in every earnest note expertly crafted. His honest vulnerability is reminiscent to Conor Oberst and Damien Rice, but make no mistake, there is something incredibly unique about All The Queen’s Horses. The songwriting is on a rare level that in a decade of covering music, have maybe never heard. To say we are smitten with the blend of melancholy and introspection is an understatement. His previous single “Jocelyn”, won over artists from Coldplay and Fleet Foxes at a renowned competition. This one might be better.

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