Three dynamic singer songwriters you can’t wait to discover

Izo Fitzroy – “Little Birdie”
-If you’re looking for a groovy, soulful vocal style check out this new track from Izo Fitzroy. There’s a beautiful energy to this track that will get listeners moving. I admire a lot about the percussive style balanced with the incredible lead vocal. The overall vibe of the track is vintage feeling all with a modern, crispy production. It’s definitely a track worth consideration for fans of neosoul, modern soul, and retro soul music. Spin it, feel it, dig it.

Jaimi Faulkner – “This masquerade”
-The relaxing acoustic guitar here and strong lead vocal make for a truly beautiful listening experience. Something about Faulkner’s tone reminds me a bit of Carson McKee. The harmonics on the acoustic do a great job of providing a basis for the vocal to shine through. There are a few chromatic chord changes that absolutely do it for me. It’s a soothing, engaging piece of music that provides a wonderful vehicle for the introspective lyrics. In a time of literal masks and philosophical disguises, this message is worth considering.

Morningsiders – “Nightingale”
-Something about the production of this track feels really familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on a comparison. It’s a dynamic, energetic indie folk sound complete with flourishes of traditional music in the background. There are few riffs from the piano that remind me a bit of gospel music. The whole composition conveys a message of approval toward someone with the lyrics. It seems to use a bit production sound to convey a relatively simple lyrical message and it just… works. Check out these strings!

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