Three folk singer songwriters for late August cool

Davis John Patton – “Rosewood”
-If you’re looking for a calming acoustic guitar piece, this is a great place to start with Davis John Patton’s “Rosewood.” The atmospheric energy centers the track nicely in the middle of the mix. The warm tone from the vocal makes the whole style feel familiar. Even if you’ve never heard Patton before, his style feels like an old friend. The harmonies remind me of what I first loved about Penny and Sparrow. It’s a breathtaking style of folk that’s sure to find a lot of fans among our readership.

Evan Effres – “Hard-headed kids”
-The moving energy of this track might make some think it doesn’t fit within folk, but it absolutely does. The mix is really energetic. It reminds me of some of the tracks from early Good Old War that I really enjoyed. The poppy optimism in the background propels the track forward. If you’ve ever been in a relationship that just pushed forward with reckless abandon without really considering what might happen… then this song will be absolutely relatable. As someone who married at 22 and bought a house before the housing bubble burst in 2008, I can feel this track deep within my soul. That said… stubborn love is a lasting love. This is a great tune.

Peter Groppe – “Summer rain”
-I know that a lot of the US is covered in rain right now, so I’ll try to avoid any romanticizing of rain. That said, the phrasing of this beautiful folk tune from Peter Groppe reminds me of the golden age of the folk revival in the 60s. This track could play in a set with Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. Groppe has a phrasing and style that I absolutely adore. In fact, not only am I going to put this song on ETTG’s playlists… I’ll put it on my personal playlists. It’s an endearing, personally engaging track. The way the chorus soars in an unapologetic way connects perfectly.

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